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Izumi Miyazaki

Born in 1994 in Yamanashi Prefecture, Izumi Miyazaki graduated in 2016 from Musashino Art University in Tokyo, where she majored in Imaging Arts. While still a student, she began taking surreal self-portraits and posting them online on Tumblr, to great acclaim. She has since been profiled internationally on Vice and CNN, and in print in Time and Libération. Her first solo show, Cute & Cruel (Wild Project Gallery, Luxembourg, 2016), was followed by a Japan solo show, stand-in (Art-U Room, Tokyo, 2016) and an invitation to participate in the Fondazione Prada-sponsored group show Give Me Yesterday (Osservatorio, Milano, 2016–17).

In 2018 Izumi Miyazaki had a solo show in the KYOTOGRAPHIE Festival in kyoto-Japan.


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